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1) Don't cheat!

First of all its just stupid, if you suck so bad that you feel you need to cheat try practicing. Or get a bunch of your buddies who can't play either to go in on a server and maybe you wont suck so bad against them. Is your self esteem so low that the only sense of self worth you get is by trying to look good racking up kills you don't deserve on Counter Strike? Do know that sooner or later you will be found out and banned. Your IP will also be published so that other servers may ban you as well. And by the way, changing your name does not get you back in when your banned.


2) Don't constantly complain!

Incessant comlaining and whining will get you kicked. If it contiues after you come back you continue you will be banned.


3) Listen to admins!

An admin is anyone with [ caffeine ] before their name. I'm sure that from time to time we may be slightly out of line or make a call that's wrong. It is our intention to be as fair and unbiased as possible at all times. The bottom line is, we PAY for the server your playing on and we get the privilege of making those decisions. If your asked by an admin to do something, or not to do something as the case may be ... just do it. You can make an appeal to the [ caffeine ] clan in general later if you need to, on our forums.


4) Offensive names will be kicked!

Granted this one may seem a bit arbitrary, but in essence if we think your names offensive we will ask you to change it. If you don't change it you will be kicked. If you come back in with the same name or another name we think is offensive you will be banned.


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