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1) Any member of [ caffeine ] found to be cheating will immediately loose their membership to the clan. Additionally they will be banned from the [ caffeine ] server and forfeit their right to any money paid to the clan. Cheating will not be tolerated.


2) Any member of [ caffeine ] has the right to quit the clan at any time for any reason. Upon terminating their membership they will receive a refund of any membership dues paid over the current months fees.


3) All members of [ caffeine ] are expected to be active in the clan by playing on the server, attending meetings, and making posts on the message board. Also to ensure that players follow the rules as set forth by the clan on the server, and to take appropriate actions when they are, or appear to be, violated.


4) All members of [ caffeine ] are expected to display good sportsmanship while on the server as well as showing respect toward other players.


5) Members of [ caffeine ] are not allowed to abuse their powers. Abuse of power may result in the loss of Admin privilege for a period of time set forth by the clan.


6) Any member of [ caffeine ] may be voted out by the clan at any time by a vote not less than 80% of the members. Members voted out will be refunded any current membership dues and dues paid over the current months fees.


7) Members of [ caffeine ] must handle any conflicts between one another OUTSIDE the server and public message boards.


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