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Tuesday, June 13th, 2014

I have brought the site back to life.  I used some of the historical colors (black, white, grey) and other cues for nostalgic purposes. Obviously I do not have the ability to bring the message boards back to life, however I have been able to salvage much of the news (seen below) and other information from the old website(s) that existed before.  Check the History page for information on why we even did this.


We do indeed have a server up and running (see server info under resources), however we are not getting any traffic on it at the moment.  We have some of the classic maps that [ caffeine ] regularly played in their rotation that were alot of fun.  Come join us!


While there may not be alot of news updates on a regular basis here, you can always check the forums to see what is going on.


See you on the server! - booger


Wednesday, December 12th, 2009

Forum has been up and running for a couple of weeks now. We are starting to get a little traffic the site and forums. Everything seems to be stable and running as expected. As for the old contect, that is going to be a no go. It would be nice to have but it is going to be too much of a pain in the ---. - Flash


Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

After a few years of being down the site is now back online. I was digging around my work computer and found a backup of the site before it went down. So I figured what the ----, let's get this ----- back online. I am currently working on the forum page to get that set up. Please stop by and register. I am seeing what I can do about restoring the old forum, but that looks like it is going to be a pain in the ass. The site basically went from running on a Windows server with an access database backend to a Linux server running on a MySQL database. To add another level of complexity, the old forum was based on Snitz 2000 and the new one is now on phpBB3. So if anyone has any experience with this stuff let me know. - Flash


Monday, March 17th, 2003

Added picture for Notme on member page and replaced old buy scripts on download page with most recent version from nextwish.org. - Digits


Sunday, March 9th, 2003

Added member info for Happydeath, Notme and pictures for Happydeath and Latrine. Also added info for clan Karma on recommended page. - Digits


Saturday, March 1st, 2003

Added G33k$ info to recommended page. Also updated info on download page... namely, 2 de_prodigy2k links (soon to be in rotation). Added a few more nextwish script links and cleaned out some old garbage. - Digits


Tuesday, February 25th, 2003

Added member info on Ravenous's page. Also updated info for 3C, GBA, and s(v)oke on recommended pages. - Digits


Wednesday, February 19th, 2003

Well, the long overdue release of the [ caffeine ] redesign is up and running... I hope. Please bare with me as any loose ends get tied up. It only took me a year to get off my ass and launch this, so things should be wrapped up shortly ;)


For those who are looking for the old lan party page, it can be found under the "events" page. Please use this page for reference until an obviously new one is in its place.


I'm well aware that the members section is far from complete. Caff admins, please review your members page. Those who I do not have content for, please send me your info so I can update.


Regs - please do me a favor and let me know of any bugs you encounter in moving around the site.

3C, Addiction, Geeks, Voodoo, GBA, and all other cool clans that are regs here (i'm sure I left someone out) - email me your latest server info and banner so I can add them to the "recommended" page.


More to come... - Digits


Saturday, August 3rd, 2002

Well the tranfer over to AOW is almost complete, the servers are running great and the site is almost 100%. Working out some of the details and I won't be surprised of some of the links get ------ up, working on it. Added some new maps to the rotation and will be posting links for the files on the [ technical info ] page. Also of note is Hayduke has managed to kiss his ass back inta the clan and were happy ta have him back. Thats it, back to work. - Mutt


Monday, June 3rd, 2002

Wow. I've finally had some rest after the LP and am feeling almost normal. Actually as I understand it Havok and Cobrat are still in town and on their way over to the house as I type. Not Me is also still around and all of them I think are coming up to the club tonight for one last " Hurah ". What can I say about the LP ? It was an incredible time only because of all the incredible people that showed up and the huge efforts of so many that made all the right pieces fall into place. If ya haven't yet read Hingking's post that singles out so many better than I can, please do. I myself will humbly echo his sentiments and only add my overwhelming sense of gratitude to HK for all of his hard work that did not go unnoticed. Not only did he take off work,wake up early and head down there, take charge on the entire set up of the room, set up the server and the cables ( all of which he had never done before ), he also took off work and drove up to Houston a week ago to learn how to do all of this for the first time. Add to that that he was one of the last ones out making sure that all that got packed up, cleaned up, and that everything that got left got returned to their rightful owners. So HK, nothing but respect to ya man. Ya took risks, took charge, took off work, and busted your --- more than anyone so that we all could look good. Thanks for everything man, you rock. - Mutt


Friday, April 12th, 2002

Been a while eh ? Well ----, to much ---- but I'll try ta keep it brief. Since the last post we have quite a few new members. Some will be new news, some not. Get Off My D, Postal, CrazyLegs, Happy Death, Latrine, Not Me, Flash. Welcome buys, glad ta have ya on board ! Ayup, you heard it here first ... maybe. Why so many new admins? Well I'm glad ya asked ... head on over to your technical info page and grab the I.P. for our NEW 16 player server ! [ caffeine ] is a growin and were tired of our regs not being able to get in. Outside that things are looking great for the LP and hope all you ------- will be there ! I spose that's about it, toldja I'd keep it brief ( and aint all the clan pleasantly surprised I didn't say a thing about ViCe$ ... ops ). - Mutt


Friday, January 18th, 2002

Good things a happening here at [ caffeine ]. If ya skipped by it on our main page trying to dodge the " WEEeeeee " we just added a new live chat to the site. Looks kinda krapy right now but as were working on a complete redesign of the site I'm not all that concerned. Check it out here though, kinda cool for those times when the servers full up. Also been getting things moving for the next LP, working on sponsors for give aways and prizes. If ya went to the first and loved it ya aint seen nothing yet. Blue Man is tracking down the local. Thanks again to all the regs for everything, you make this ---- worth doing. - Mutt


Tuesday, January 1st, 2002

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL ! Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Years Eve and I can't wait to start a new year of festive fragging as the stats will be reset today ! As for " news ", we've moved the page of cheaters from the Message Board to its own page here. Make sure to check it often and see if you've made the list. The only other thing I need ta pass on is that our good friend Doogie has decided to leave the clan. It was an amicable departure and we wish him nothing but the best, he was one of the founding members of [ caffeine ] and his participation in the clan will be missed. Much love my ex-CLANBROTHER ! - Mutt


Saturday, December 25th, 2001

" OMG ! THERE'S COLOR ON THE [ caffeine ] site ! IT MUST BE CHRISTMAS ! " Just wanted to give a huge and sincere HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us here in the [ caffeine ] clan. A great time to thank all of our regulars for making this server, this site, and this clan what it is. Also wanted to drop a quick thanks to {F2TD}Tori, [ViCe$]CyC, and (3C) Cant Kill for all the great pictures from the LP. Lastly wanted to point out what you may have gathered from the last slice of news, Carb's will be doing the majority of updates to the site, thanks sir for making my life a little easier. Merry Christmas all ! - Mutt


Friday, December 21st, 2001

The LAN Party pictures are here! I have put up all of the pictures in a gallery linked from the homepage. Click here to see them now! Have a merry x-mas and a happy new year. - Carbine


Tuesday, December 18th, 2001

Well I'm happy to report that the First Biannual LAN Party was a resounding success, thanks are due to so many for helping it come off as well as it did. CyC and Bengtson, couldn't have done it without ya. Of course all of our sister clan [ViCe$] for showing up especially Duck, thanks for the floor show buddy ... I don't wanna sound gay or nothing but you got a really nice ---. Viper and Whipping boy thanks for the server and the set up, great job guys. Each of the attending members of [ caffeine ] who showed that by and large we are as cool, and as bad of players in real life as we seem on the server. All the {F2TD} clan who drove WAY to ------- far just to be a part of it, you guys are great. Our token members of (3C) Cant Kill, who I've known for way to long from this game, and Timmeehh, great to finally meet you guys. And anyone and everyone that I didn't mention for just showing up and helping us to have the incredible time we had, it wouldn't have been the same without ya. Yes we are already planning the next and as I said on the message board it will be bigger, better, longer, and LOUDER than the first. The tentative dates are JUNE 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. I'll letcha know when we have a location set in stone that can better accommodate us than the Hilton did. One last time, thanks everyone and can't wait to see ya again in June. ( Havok and Cobrat you better be there ------ ! ) - Mutt


Friday, December 7th, 2001

Wow, only about a week till the lan party ... outstanding. The main reason for the news update is in our continued effort to keep the server clean we've installed a new anti-cheat program. Its pretty hectic I gotta warn ya. We had it running this morning and the first time I got on I got banned. Yes in dee-dee-do, the MUTT got banned from his own ------ server. The only things I had that the program found " offensive " were custom skins for guns and a crosshair mod from nextwish. If you have these be warned. And do know that it keeps detailed logs of what it found and labels it as either " Suspicious, Probable, or Detected " so if ya wind up banned from the server for whatever reason don't try the " Uh, I just had the um crosshair thingy like Mutt ", ---- wont float. And if your wondering if I forgot to post what program it is, I haven't forgotten, I'm just not saying. I'm also not posting details of how it works or what it looks for. If you have anything that may be possibly construed as a " cheat ", the time to get rid of it is now. I'm sure that sooner or later someone will figure it all out but I have no desire to give insight to those that cheat on how to beat it. Hope to see ya on the server and not your name in the cheat log ! - Mutt


Saturday, October 27th, 2001

Had a great time with the clan tonight and got several newsworthy items. First, the date is set for our BBQ and Lan Party, mark your calendars and check the airfare for Saturday December 15th. We have a million details to work out and will keep you posted as they become available. In other news, in an effort to curb some of our clan costs we will be offering a new section to the site titled " the regs ". For a $5.00 a month donation to the clan you can have your own page on our site based on the [ members ] pages. You must have played on the server for two weeks to qualify. "Regs" will also have members only access to a special section on the message board to communicate with one an another, clan members, and voice their opinions and or concerns on the server. Please contact Muttley for further details. Lastly, as we have increased the amount of players on our server we have decided that the clan could support to more members of [ caffeine ], so everyone give a big congrats to [ caffeine ] Ryno and [ caffeine ] Carbine. If that wasn't enough, we decided to go one further and nominate a third addition to the clan, with his parents permission of course, CONGRATULATIONS [ caffeine ] connor !!! -Mutt


Saturday, October 20th, 2001

Alrighty kids, here's the update. The server has been updated to 20, that's right 20 players ! Your welcome ! Also set the date for our next [ caffeine ] get clan meeting, get together, and " Boys Night Out " to be held at the Mutt & HK estate on October 26th. There will be a clan meeting followed by an open house and than ... um, let's just say were going out. All who are in the Austin area or think they can attend please RSVP on the message board here . Outside of that had a great time tonight at Tenacious D with HK, Wayne, Retro, Digits, and Doogie. I'm happy to report that it was an incredible show and we only almost got in a fight. Datz it. - Mutt


Tuesday September 25th, 2001

Added the updated "buy script " and " map fix to the [ maps and downloads ] page. If you use the retail version of Counter Strike and are having problems with de_survivor or de_inferno than you will need the map fix. Apparently they "forgot" a few critical files in the latest update. Other than that looking for our next clan war, its been to long kids. - Mutt


Thursday, September 20th, 2001

I will forgo my desire to address the current events of the world and merely say, if you have a little you could donate please do at www.capturebinladen.com. As for CS the server has been updated and seems to be running great, cant wait to get a new mic. Riz has brought up the need for another clan war, and I can't agree more. My schedule only really allows for Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Friday's ( every other Friday actually, got that poker thing ). So let's see what we can do about setting that up. - Mutt


Tuesday, September 11th, 2001

I realize how pointless it may be on a stupid site like this to express the sadness that I feel over today's events. I won't humor myself by thinking there's a point. Never the less I'll share with you that I'm nothing less than devastated by what has happened. It amazes me to think that as much sadness as I'm feeling right now, I don't think I or anyone has fully grasped the size and scope of it all. I can only ask that those who have a faith, whichever it may be, will join with me in praying for those who lost their lives today, for their families, and for their friends. I'll leave it with that. - Mutt


Thursday August 30th,, 2001

Wow, its been a ------ while hasn't it ? Half of the news is old news ... We have two new members which I should take a moment to announce ( just three short weeks after they got in ) Hayduke and Retrograde. Glad ta have ya kids. Our monthly clan meeting will be Friday August 31st at the HK & MUTT ESTATE. 9:00 PM. And we will soon be adding the map SURVIVOR to the rotation so download it now from the [ maps and download ] page. I've had some computer problems since my move that screwed the last scheduled clan war with 3C's and I've been a little less active on the site, I'm hoping now that everything's " almost " normal I can get back to the business at hand. First and foremost ... a full fledged uninterrupted locked down bloody --- balls to the wall rematch with the 3C's. - Mutt


Thursday, August 9th, 2001

Added a new map to the server and it's UNGODLY de_predator. DOWNLOAD IT NOW ! I'm tellin ya, you cannot leave the server until it comes up in rotation, it's just that ---- cool. Other than that a few site changes, none worth noting. All are getting excited about this Friday's scheduled clan war with the 3C's. And if your live in or around Austin and can make it down Saturday night ask someone about details, we're gonna be having a lil meet and greet, kinda. Whooo Hooo .... ! - Mutt


Friday, August 3rd, 2001

One of our regulars, Luckyshot, has written an excellent article on the pro's and con's of camping. I highly recommend everyone give it a read and post your opinions under his post on the [ message board ]. You can find his post here. And hey Luckyshot, how bout a little more info on your profile ? Keep in mind I will post anyone's picture on the profile page of the [ message board ] if ya send me one via e-mail. - Mutt


Thursday, August 2nd, 2001

Finally put up Blue Man and Wayne Newtons profiles, check em out under [ members ]. Also you may have noticed some changes in the [ stats ] page, this is a result of Psycho Stats upgrading their program. A few new awards and a slightly different layout, not to much different but supposedly even more accurate. Thanks Zxel for setting it up and makin it look so purtty. Also thank Zx for making maps even easier to find, now the majority of the maps can be also downloaded from the maps stats page , if the name is white you can click on the name and get the zip file. Until next time. - Mutt


Tuesday, July 31st, 2001

Didn't realize its been so long since I updated the news. Wow, sorry kids. Well our first clan battle since getting our server is now scheduled for August 10th. This one actually counts for somthin since the outcome will be posted both here and on the 3C's site and both clans are wanting braggin rights. They got a lil write up over there as well. www.3cteam.com. And the ---- talking has begun big time on our lil [ message board ]. Should be fun, I think we're all looking forward to it. And sorry Cobrat, but no, you can't be a hostage. =P - Mutt


Saturday, July 28th, 2001

The big news, as of today we would like to officially welcome our two newest members, Blue Man and Wayne Newton. Congrats boys, ya made the grade ... or sumthin. Also worth mentioning is that COBRAT, our resident femme fatale, has graced us with a picture for her profile page and I for one would like to be the first to say, Havok, your a lucky bastard. = P Think that's about it. How can I top two new members and a pic of Cobrat ? - Mutt


Friday, July 27th, 2001

Been doing more posting on the [ message board ] and somewhat slacked off updating the news. Rizzo and I have been playing e-mail tag trying to set up the first clan war on this server between [ caffeine ] and the 3C's. Right now it's looking like next Thursday. Anywhoots, if you haven't yet please make sure to DL the new maps and follow the directions on where to place the .wad file from Trinity. DO THIS NOW. Save yourself a headache when it comes up in rotation. Find the links in [ maps and downloads ]. Later - Mutt


Wednesday, July 25th, 2001

Didn't post anything yesterday, either I just took a day off or I was just not wanting to bring attention to the fact that after a four day run as number one on the stats page I have been overtaken by Hingking. Congrats to the -------. =P Added the clan rules under the [ about ] page. These were solidified at Saturday nights meeting. Feel free to have a look. Also added cs_thunder and de_church to the map rotation. Please download and install these before you connect to the server. Get them from our [ maps and download ] section. Anyway, working day shift and should be on the server tonight. Later. - Mutt


Monday July 23rd, 2001

So, about our meeting. Topics included maps, clan rules and ethics. These will be posted soon in the [ about ] section of this site. Other than that no real news. Gotta work tonight but should be on later. - Mutt


Sunday, July 22nd, 2001

First thanks to all the [ caffeine ] members for showing up only mostly late to tonight's meeting. Tomorrow I'll post some of the info that we covered. Here's some pic's from the gathering [ pictures ]. Also Zxel added a browser plug in under [ technical info ] that will show you the status of the server as well as who's on it. Thank you sir yet again, very nice touch. And you may have noticed the new flash on the home page, compliments of Digits, you rock. Last bit for now, since adding the banner to the home page for the CS TOP 100 , um we're in the TOP 100 !!! LMAO , to funny. Don't ask, I just don't know. #61 with a bullet last I checked. Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back ! - Mutt


Saturday, July 21st, 2001

Unbelievable. The [ bbs ] is up and running. I'm personally a fan of bulletin boards and with some help from Zxel got one up and running for us. Please check it out and post often. This is a place to rant rave and -----. Also to ask any questions that you may have or troubleshoot any problems you might be experiencing. Chances are someone else has had it to. You'll hafta forgive me while I figure out how to Admin it, keep in mind I have NO idea what I'm doing. Look forward to seeing all the clan tonight at the meeting. - Mutt


Friday, July 20th, 2001

I'm number one !!! =P ahem, gotta enjoy it while it lasts. And for the last 2 days running [ caffeine ] is once again beating out [ vegas ] in the clanstats. Other than that I added a small banner way down at the bottom of the home page and listed us on the CS Top 100. For the most part I hate banners and I had made the decision to only have black and white stuff on the site to keep it clean but the image is on their server so I cant edit it and it hasta be on your site to rank how many hits you get. So basically ... I buried it. BTW were well over 300 at this point in less than a week. Tomorrow night is the big night for the first of what will hopefully become our monthly meeting. I'll make sure to post details of what occurred and possibly pictures within the next couple of days. One additional note to those who ask why we don't use Punkbuster, here's an article that backs up what was mentioned in our [ faq ] ... read it here .That's it for the day kids. - Mutt


Thursday, July 19th, 2001

Well the results are in and the decision final, from here out for [ caffeine ] we will be using Psycho Stats. Heres a link to some of the replys. Also added a banner for anyone with a site that's willing to post it. If ya need a smaller one feel free to contact me. You can find it under [ maps and downloads ] - Mutt


Wednesday, July 18th, 2001

So on Saturday 14th I added a hit counter to this site and in the last four days this silly little site has gotten over 200 hits. Kinda cool me thinks. On a sadder note [ vegas ] has overtaken [ caffeine ] on the clan page of the stats, don't know about you but I'm blaming PunkyBoy. Sadder still is that that old ------- Doogie has killed me twice as much as I've killed him. - Mutt


Tuesday, July 17th, 2001

Hayduke, a new regular on the [ caffeine ] server, has asked that I post the buy script program ... consider it posted. You can find it under [ maps & downloads ]. Though the jury is still out, its looking like were going to be using Psycho Stats from now on. Everyone has till tomorrow night to voice their opinion. Later - Mutt


Monday, July 16th, 2001

Okay, after much deliberation over the stats deal I've decided to give another stats program a shot. I need EVERYONE who play's on this server and is interested in stats to e-mail me and let me know which we should keep. I really like Halfstats but Psycho Stats seems a bit more thorough. LET ME KNOW YOUR OPINION ASAP ! - Mutt


Monday, July 16th, 2001

Think this may help explain a bit about the stats and the problems we've had. Also a few tidbits that I didn't realize that may be of help to everyone. This is from an e-mail reply from Zxel, the tech god from our server company:


" To cut a long e-mail short I have adjusted your filtering numbers to very low so that more stats appear, remember that a player must finish the game being played (not pop out during the game) and that the game map must be completed (not changed before it officially ends) for a game to be considered valid by the stats program. This was the problem Doogie had that day he never showed up (so what I did was run stats from day one) ..." - Zxel


Hope that helps clarify things a bit and Ill see ya on the server. - Mutt


Sunday, July 15th, 2001

OMG this is dumb, lol , give it a listen anyway. CLICK HERE Sorry but some names got lost on the [ stats ] page. There was a problem as a result of the last problem we fixed. Essentially a few names weren't listed due to the steps we had to take regarding the player ID thing from a few days ago. All should be right with the world now so log on and get ranked. Also made a few small modifications to the [ members ] page. Dats it -Mutt


Friday, July 13th, 2001

Sancho has just informed me that the majority of Friday the 13th superstitions arise from the disbanding of the Knights Templar a long long time ago ... um, thanks Sancho. Two new profiles added to the [ members ] section, Doogie and TT. Also posted a [ faq ] section to the site, make sure to check it out. Our first official clan meeting has been set for Saturday the 21st at mi casa. ALL MUST ATTEND ... or, uh , something really really bad will happen to you, or sumthin. All the plugins seem to be working now. I'd list em but you'll see em so what's the point. - Mutt


Thursday, July 12th, 2001

Added HK's and my profile and all [ caffeine ] members e-mail addy's to the [ members ] page. Doogie has gotten set up as admin. The server appears to be running great. A few flaws with some of the plugins, trying to work them out now. Whew, what a day. I need all members to check test their e-mail to make sure the forwards are working. Thanks kids. - Mutt


Thursday, July 12th, 2001

NEW IP !!! As ya must know by now CS has been updated. Were updating and upgrading the server as well. Were transferring over to a QUAD XEON and I've been assured it will be smoking. I will add more details about the server under [ technical info ] . The new IP is : Sorry bout the inconvenience but it should be well worth it. Don't forget to add it to your favorites and remove the old one. Can't wait to get on it tonight !!! - Mutt


Wednesday, July 11th, 2001

The stats page should be cleared and will now start getting stats by name. Also swapped out the gun images on the stats page as HK wouldn't stop complaining about the old ones. =P Should have the new admin plugins up and working by tonight. - Mutt


Tuesday, July 10th, 2001

Be warned, the stats page is about to be reset. Hingking is ranked # 3 so you know there had to be a problem. =) Basically here's the deal, Halfstats has a variety of ways to interpret and assign stats, the default is by your unique ID. As it appears that several players "share" the same copy of Half Life, they consequently have the same unique ID making it not so, um ... unique. I've changed it so that it now should rank by player name. Hopefully it will be reset by tomorrow. Sorry bout the mix up. - Mutt


Monday, July 9th, 2001

Added cs_arabstreets to the map rotation. Look under [ maps ] if you don't already have it. Will save you a lot of time during map rotation if you download it and install it manually. Also working with the server company on working out a few bugs ( map load time, dropped when trying to load cs_thunder ) and adding a new plugin to adminmod that's pretty cool. Will letcha know when its all done. -Mutt


Sunday, July 8th, 2001

Have added two admins. Right now there are four. Hingking, Punkyboy, Digits, and MUTTLEY. If you have any problems with the server please let them know. Server appears to still be working pretty ------ brilliantly. Saturday July 7th - THE STATS PAGE IS WORKING ! - Mutt


Friday, July 6th 2001, 2001

The grand opening day for the [ caffeine ] server. It appears to be running great, ping times averaging 100 and below, cant ask for much better than that. Looking forward to seeing how it runs full. The stats page should be up and running by Monday at the latest. - Mutt


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