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The clan was originally founded by Muttley with the help of some of his local friends (see the Retired Members Section for more info) in Austin, TX and his $1700 expresso machine back in July of 2001. With the group being comprised of locals, they would meet and hang out as much offline, if not more, than online. Usually drinking Muttley's Espressos. The clan held several lan parties in Autin, TX which brought much comradery, friendly competition, and unforgetable fun. The server was usually full of members and frequent regulars that enoyed killing and taunting each other all in the name of fun.


Over the years members have retired, others have joined, but eventually the servers, community and website eventually went away. Our goal is to hopefully resurrect what the community stood for. Good fun on the servers, in the forums, and in real life.


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