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1) Can I be in [ caffeine ] ?

Um, probably not. As stated in our [ about ] page there are several factors that would seem to indicate that your chances are pretty much slim to none.


2) Is it true that your clan has membership dues ?

Absolutely. There's a reason your ping is always so bad ass ... we pay for it. The expenses of the clan are divided up evenly between the members. Whatever that amount may be is our months dues. We decided early on that if we were going to be a clan that we wanted to do it right and made the commitment to front the cost. You can thank us now.


3) Is there anything I can do about admin abuse?

Yes. Create a post in the forums under the Admin Abuse section and let us know what happened, with proof. There is obviously no guarantee that we'll take your side, but we do want to know and will look into it. If you were being an idiot and an admin kicked or banned you than you probably got what you deserved. We would like to know however, if an admin is abusing his privileges.


4) I was banned but would like to play on your server again, what can I do ?

Only in extreme cases will we ban a player. If you feel you have been wrongly banned, or think that you've learned your lesson, take the same steps as above.


5) Why do I keep dying ?

You suck.


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